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Ket people and their language

Just a comparison of two opinions)

I've read a little bit in our beloved Wikipedia about Ket people in English and Russian languages.

In English, it said that "The Ket language has been linked to the Na-Dene languages of North America. This link has led to some collaborations between the Ket and some northern Ahabaskan peoples."


In Russian, it said that "Кетский язык является последним живым представителем енисейской языковой семьи... Существует гипотеза о том,что енисейские языки находятся в отдалённом родстве с адыго-абхазскими, нахскими (чеченский, ингушский) и сино-тибетскими (китайский, тибетский) языками".
Which means " The Ket language is that living language of Yeniseian languages...there is a hypothesis that Yeniseian languages are distantly related to Northwest Caucasian languages, Nakh languages (regions of Chechnya, Ingushetia),  Sino-Tibetan languages (Tibetan, Chinese)."

...although, it is also said that the hypothesis of relationships between Na-Dene languages and Ket language is also under process of study.

Anyway, I found this interesting as an example of completely different approaches to study linguistics, plus, there is something controversial ..on purpose. You know, like: "we do not accept your opinion because we want to have another one. It doesn't matter if yours is correct or not".
It is strange to me that scientists could not reach an agreement in this case.

Sources, for example(no web links):

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  • Werner, Heinrich. Die ketische Sprache. — Wiesbaden, 1997.

суббота, 13 февраля 2016 г.

My Paleoart

I'm in love with history, evolution, plants...Through my whole life I've tried to imagine how it was there- in the Past, in ancient times, when Homo erectus existed or even before that: in Triassic, for example, or Permian periods. But only a couple of months ago I've started to draw something about it, inspired by my son's interest to dinosaurs. As for me, I prefer plants, landscapes and history of early humans, so totally I want to to visualize extinct environment, landscapes...that's about it.

The problem is that I don't know any paleontologists, so I have nobody to ask about whether my drawing were correct or not(